Yale Employees Overwhelmingly Support Democratic Party

According to a report by Adam Sebes at Campus Reform, voter data indicated that employees at Yale University overwhelmingly support the Republican Party. Specifically, they outnumber their Republican colleagues by a ratio higher than 9:1.

The analysis discovered that of the Yale employees who are registered voters, 1,162 are affiliated with the Democrats, whereas a measly 126 of them are Republicans. In addition, the study revealed that two employees are registered Green Party voters, one is also a registered Libertarian Party voter, 510 were unaffiliated, and 2,438 did not signal a party on their voter registration.

In a previous Campus Reform report, the University of Pennsylvania apparently has Democrat employees outnumbering Republicans 13:1. In total, 181 are Democrats whereas 14 are Republicans.

Such findings appear to be a nationwide trend. A report by the National Association of Scholars discovered that in a survey of 12,372 professors across the nation there were “10,260 nondonors, 2,081 Democratic donors, 22 Republican donors, and 9 donors to both parties across both election cycles.”

The NAS study revealed that the donations Democratic and Republican candidates received among college and university employees was around 95:1, which signified that “the donations are almost exclusively to Democratic candidates and committees,” per the study’s findings.

Similarly, Campus Reform did some analysis of Federal Election Commission data covering political donations at the University of California and Stanford University, which found the same level of Democrat dominance with regards to how employees made political donations.

University of California employees donated $62,106.32 to Harris’ 2020 presidential bid, whereas employees at Stanford University only donated $31,735.93.

These numbers show the level of hegemony that the Left and its neoliberal cousins have at American universities. Conservatives will have to start getting serious about defunding public universities that promote leftism and find other alternatives to the present system.

We can no longer afford to passively sit on the sidelines as the Left indoctrinates millions of young Americans at all levels of education. There must be a concrete plan that forces a political decision on education. The time for talking is over.