YAL’s Cliff Maloney BLASTS GOP Spending Hypocrites in Epic Tweetstorm

Young Americans for Liberty President Cliff Maloney ripped Republicans in Congress a new one for voting on the recent $2.7 trillion budget.

This same budget was blasted by liberty conservative Rand Paul for its largesse.

The Kentucky Senator even declared the Tea Party “dead” after the passage of this budget.

The YAL President also joined in bashing Republicans for their fiscal malfeasances.

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He even went was as far as to make an entire tweet thread of every Republican that voted for this monster budget.

He highlighted the fiscal recklessness of several Senators and Congressman who have virtue signaled about fiscal responsibility in the past.

Some of these Senators include Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, John Cornyn, and Lindsey Graham.

Maloney singled out Texas Republican John Cornyn for his fiscal hypocrisy. In 2010, Cornyn penned an article titled “The Wisdom of a Balanced Budget Amendment” for The Dallas Morning News. Despite the fiscal conservative grandstanding, Cornyn ended up voting for this bloated budget.

Lindsey Graham, a seasoned member of the political establishment, talks a big game about fiscal responsibility. He virtue signaled his support for fiscal conservatism in 2011, when he co-sponsored a Balanced Budget Amendment, and declared “In their private and business lives Americans don’t get a pass on their pocketbooks and have to deal with the consequences of overspending.”  However, for this budget vote, he decided to continue the Swamp’s big spending ways.

In the House, Maloney singled out Brian Babin, Peter King, Michael McCaul, Steve Scalise, and Greg Pence, among others.

In a statement coming from his office, Congressman Brian Babin commented about the bipartisan spending spree in D.C. declaring that “America’s level of debt is unsustainable. The legacy of too much spending by both political parties continues to harm our economy, undermine economic growth and hamper job creation.”

Nevertheless, he ended up voting for the monster budget.

Greg Pence, the older brother of Vice President of Mike Pence, claimed to be a champion of “fiscal responsibility.” In the end, Greg Pence caught a case of Swamp Fever and voted for the bloated budget.

The thread can be read in its entirety here:

For a list of Republicans who all voted for this budget, head to the two links below:




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