Young Americans for Liberty Leader Stands Strong Against Red Flag Laws

On August 7, 2019 YAL President Cliff Maloney sounded off on red flag laws.

While Republican leadership ranging from Senator Lindsey Graham to Congressman Dan Crenshaw made every effort to satisfy the media’s gun control wishes, Maloney stood firmly behind his small government principles.

On Twitter, Maloney said “Red Flag laws will NOT stop deranged killers from horrific acts. Red Flag laws are unconstitutional. Red Flag laws will be abused. Red Flag laws are NOT a solution.”


A true liberty conservative, Maloney worked alongside elected officials such as Rand Paul and Thomas Massie to promote the ideas of limited government. These ideas have been passed down to younger generations through the work of groups such as Young Americans for Liberty.

Their grassroots programs such as “Win at the Door” have been effective in electing and positioning many pro-Second Amendment candidates nationwide. Some such as Missouri State Representative Tony Lovasco have become fierce opponents of red flag laws because of how they violate due process rights.  Maloney told Liberty Conservative News, “Gun grabs like the red flag laws are just putting lipstick on a pig. It betrays every statement these so-called “conservatives” have made about the right to self-defense.”

In times when Republicans are folding left and right, it’s great to know that there are certain groups who will not give in to the media pressure. It’s moments like these which separate the real defenders of liberty from the pretenders.

YAL and Maloney should be commended for their bravery during a time where Second Amendment rights are hanging in the balance.

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