HERE WE GO AGAIN: Feds Repeat Propaganda Blaming Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for Gas Attacks

The U.S. State Department released a statement on Thursday claiming that they have reached the conclusion that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad released chlorine gas on his own people as apart of a May 19 attack in Idlib.

The deep state bureaucrats used their alleged findings as the means to propagandize against the Syrian leader, who has been on the U.S. empire’s hit-list for years now.

“It is … the latest instance in a long pattern of Assad’s chemical weapons attacks that have killed or wounded thousands of Syrians,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said to reporters.

“The Assad regime is responsible for innumerable atrocities some of which rise to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Pompeo added. “The US will not allow these attacks to go unchallenged nor will we tolerate those who choose to conceal these atrocities.”

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Pompeo made it clear that the U.S. would continue to intervene and pressure the Assad regime and their partners such as Russia as they attempt to repel Islamic terrorists in the region.

“As part of our maximum pressure campaign, today the United States Department of Treasury designated Russian entities for supporting Assad’s brutal war machine and facilitating the shipments of jet fuel to Russian military forces in Syria. I’m also announcing today that the State Department will provide an additional $4.5 million to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to help its investigations of continued chemical weapons use in Syria,” Pompeo said.

This accusation happened after Assad made an announcement that he would be willing to convene a constitutional committee to find a political solution that would end the nine-year war in the country. The State Department immediately kicked the jingoist propaganda into overdrive following the news.

“This is not the end of the efforts by Assad to get a military victory, we don’t think, or even the efforts of Iran and Russia to support him,” said Jim Jeffrey, who works as the administration’s special representative for Syria engagement. “But it shows that they were under pressure, and being under pressure, they’ve at least opened the door to a political solution.”

“We need to keep the pressure on and we will, and our friends and allies will as well, but we also need to recognize that there may be a glimmer of hope that this conflict can be ended the right way,” he added.

The Trump administration recently doubled their support to the White Helmets, an Al Queda-front group in Syria pushed by the fake news media as humanitarians for opposing the Assad regime:

“President Donald Trump has achieved great results in Syria by removing support for terror groups and scaling back the intervention in that nation, but his progress is in serious jeopardy after his State Department announced they will be doubling the funding for the Al Queda-affiliated White Helmets organization.

The State Department issued a press release boasting that they will be sending federal funds to assist these terrorists and help globalist UN directives…

In a display that was largely ignored by the mainstream media, experts exposed the White Helmets during a presentation given to the United Nations late last year. Testimony was released from ordinary Syrians who attested that it is a well-known fact that the White Helmets were affiliated with al-Nusra, a literal off-shoot of Al Queda.

“Almost all people who worked in nearby White Helmets centers were al-Nusra fighter or were linked to them. I tried to join the White Helmets myself, but I was told that if I was not from al-Nusra, they could not employ me,” said Omar al-Mustafa, a Syrian civilian.

“I saw them [White Helmets] bring children who were alive, put them on the floor as if they had died in a chemical attack,” al-Mustafa added.

The organization is also connected to George Soros through the PR firm Purpose, Inc. Purpose was co-founded by Jeremy Heimans, creator of Avaaz. Avaaz is a leftist advocacy group described by ABC News in 2007 as “funded by philanthropist and financier George Soros, and the labor group SEIU.” Heimans was able to use his ability to create propaganda to make the White Helmets into an Oscar-winning corporate media sensation, and help the global Jihad to destroy Western Civilization.”

President Trump, who campaigned on getting the U.S. out of foreign conflicts, is risking undoing the progress that has been made in Syria with his administration’s interventionist rhetoric and actions.

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