Jimmy Dore and the Anti-Woke Left are the Only Reasonable Leftists that Liberty Conservatives Can Make Common Cause With

Although I’ve never been a fan of the Left, and see them as virtually useless in building a coalition with populists, a few individuals like Jimmy Dore stand out as genuine voices of dissent. 

Dore’s views on increased minimum wages and free education obviously don’t sit well with me, but I genuinely enjoy his takes on foreign policy and overall corporate power. I’ve only become more sympathetic to Dore after former sportscaster now-turned YouTuber Keith Olbermann called on Twitter and other platforms to unperson Dore. Late in July, Olbermann tweeted “Time to ban this feral succubus @jimmy_dore from @Twitter and other platforms.”

As Glenn Greenwald, another gadfly on the Left who is willing to go off script and challenge the establishment, observedThe Founding Father of MSNBC liberalism calls for the banning of one of the country’s most popular YouTubers from Twitter and every other internet platform. It’s hard to overstate how authoritarian is US liberalism: begging for corporate censorship is one of their leading tools:.”

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Olbermann has always been a hack, but he’s been particularly unhinged as of late. His comments from a few months ago disavowing his Russian heritage show that he’s become a total loon.

Going back to Dore. It seems that everyone in the Left space – from liberals to institutional progressives – is piling on Dore. I recently covered how Dore was facing attacks from his former employer at The Young Turks. This is a sign that Dore is doing something right.

Granted, Dore is no right winger. But this doesn’t matter when it comes to building single-issue coalitions with regards to the war question. The warfare state is a fixture of our present-day political order that must be taken down. And it will ultimately require liberty conservatives to make common cause with independent-minded progressives like Glenn Greenwald and Jimmy Dore. 

To be sure, we will part ways with these guys on economics, but on other issues, the anti-woke Left has value and be brought into the fold for our efforts to combat the Deep State.