Joe Biden Supports Juan Guaidó in the Current Venezuelan Crisis

Former Vice President and now 2020 Presidential hopeful Joe Biden supported Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaidó on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

On that day, Guaido led an uprising which is part of the new Operación Libertad (Operation Freedom) campaign against socialist strongman Nicolás Maduro.

The socialist plagued country has been mired with political instability over the past few months ever since Guaidó was declared Interim President of Venezuela.

Biden tweeted,  “The violence in Venezuela today against peaceful protesters is criminal. Maduro’s regime is responsible for incredible suffering.”

The former Vice President then called on the U.S to support Guaidó:

The U.S. must stand with the National Assembly & Guaidó in their efforts to restore democracy through legitimate, internationally monitored elections.

The position Biden took was similar to the Trump administration’s.

Trump tweeted Tuesday, “I am monitoring the situation in Venezuela very closely.”

He then added, “The United States stands with the People of Venezuela and their Freedom!”

Seasoned neoconservative National Security Advisor John Bolton informed reporters Tuesday that “all options are on the table” when dealing with Venezuela. LCN has reported on Bolton’s consistently hawkish stances on Venezuela.

Certain Congressman on the Republican side of the aisle have been hesitant about using military force in Venezuela.

Congressman Matt Gaetz was one of the firm non-interventionist voices who recognized the damage that socialism has done to Venezuela, but stopped short of calling for military action.

Thomas Massie also chimed in by suggesting that Congress respect the Constitution and use a proper authorization of force when dealing with Venezuela.

The current economic collapse in Venezuela was home-brewed, as the country has adopted socialist policies of some sort for the past few decades.

However, this does not justify an intervention.

I make the case that Venezuela is the latest failure of socialism, while also advocating that the United States take a non-interventionist approach in this crisis in the eBook How Socialism Destroyed Venezuela.