Liberty Conservative Eric Brakey Raises Over $100,000 for Potential Congressional Run

After setting up an exploratory committee for a potential congressional race a few weeks ago, former Maine State Senator Eric Brakey has raised more than $100,000 in his prospective federal run.

Brakey said that he expects “to make a final decision shortly” and make a public announcement in September about running for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District.

The former State Senator added, “An outpouring of support has convinced me that Maine people want fresh leadership in Congress to protect our constitutional freedoms and hard-earned paychecks.”

If Brakey decides to pull the trigger, he would be Congressman Jared Golden’s first challenger.

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It’s still up in the air if Bruce Poliquin, a Republican who was unseated by Golden, will try to win back his seat.

The 30-year-old Brakey said if he opts to enter this race he’ll seek the GOP’s support even if it means facing Poliquin or other Republican challengers in the primary.

Brakey is already boasting strong support.

The liberty conservative declared that “We have already raised over $100,000 since announcing my exploratory committee just a few weeks ago“.

He added, “National conservative groups, dedicated to fiscal responsibility and limited government, are giving strong signs of support.”

Liberty Conservative News previously reported on Brakey’s potential run for Maine’s 2nd District.

Brakey has made a name for himself by helping pass pro-gun Constitutional Carry legislation in Maine and also champion issues which align with fiscal conservatism.

Having Brakey in Congress would be a major win for liberty conservatives in the country.


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