Trump is opposed to the neoconservative policies of endless wars.
The military-industrial complex wants to keep occupying the Middle East.
These databases have been cited as disproportionately affecting people of color.
One under the radar upset that should make liberty conservatives proud was Republican Nancy Mace's defeat of Democrat Joe Cunningham in South Carolina's first congressional district on November 4, 2020. In beating Cunningham, Mace became the...
This type of technology in the hands of the globalists is an absolute nightmare
The 'Live Free or Die' state refuses to comply unless a lawful warrant is produced.
He stands with President Trump against this anti-American representative.
The Department of Motor Vehicles is systemically violating the 4th Amendment.
Paul is using his platform as a Senator to support the grassroots movement.
Isn't Trump supposed to be the peace president?
Thomas Massie has a strong message for the Department of Education. Drop dead! On February 8, 2021, Massie introduced HR 899, a bill to abolish the Department of Education In a tweet, Massie stated “We just reintroduced HR...
Trump's agenda is looking more like the globalist status quo regarding economic matters heading into 2020.