On Episode #17 of the Liberty Conservative Podcast, hosts Rocco and Shane get caught up on the Yellow Vest movement of France. They discuss the progression of the movement over its 21 weeks in existence,...
Trump's agenda is looking more like the globalist status quo regarding economic matters heading into 2020.
President Donald Trump is seemingly unwilling to implement his 'America First' agenda if it means offending Saudi Arabia.
President Trump is intervening in Syrian affairs in a manner that could cause serious blowback against the US in the future
Trump is straying away from non-interventionism at the behest of neocon John Bolton, and the Russians are being provoked as a result
Cruz is showing why he is considered one of the most disingenuous politicians on Capitol Hill.
President Donald Trump has lived up to his promise in Syria, and the world is far safer as a result.
Paul hopes Moore can win the seat for Congress to have another constitutional conservative in Washington D.C.
Trump's State Department is producing pro-Al Queda propaganda and repeating the mistakes of the Obama regime
Trump is betraying his 'America First' principles by supporting what has been described as a genocide in Yemen
On Episode #13 of the Liberty Conservative Podcast, hosts Rocco and Shane briefly summarize CPAC’s backslide toward establishment conservatism then discuss Rand Paul’s ill-advised stand against emergency measures and how it negatively impacts the liberty...
The cast of pro-Trump all stars is attempting a libertarian solution to the emergency at the US southern border
This type of technology in the hands of the globalists is an absolute nightmare
The feds are robbing the US taxpayer and spending it in the most gaudy of ways
During the Congressional dog and pony show this week where individuals skeptical about vaccines were stigmatized and castigated in public on Big Pharma's behalf, only one man had the courage to speak the truth to...
President Donald Trump hired disgraced neocons John Bolton and Elliott Abrams and put them in charge of his Venezeula policy, and they are well on their way to repeating some of the worst foreign policy...
Yesterday, the Senate Health Committee hosted hearings on vaccine science designed to stigmatize anyone who has reservations about Big Government colluding with Big Pharma to pump children full of chemical-filled shots. The leader of the corporate...
House Democrats are feeling emboldened after winning power last November and plan to flex their muscle by banning market-based healthcare and forcing everyone into a totalitarian government bureaucracy of sorts. Almost half of the Democrats' 235-seat...